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    Keep Walton Beautiful & Recycling Center

Phone:  770-267-1421         Fax:  770-267-1423

2051   Leroy  Anderson  Road,  SE,  Monroe,  Ga    30655



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                Solid Waste Disposal



                                                                       Every man, woman, and child in America throws away

                                                                      about 4 lbs of trash each day!             


Landfill capacity is decreasing as land is becoming sparse.

However, by supporting

recycling efforts here in Walton County,

as well as the state of Georgia,

we can reduce more than 25% of landfill space.

Why throw away money?

  Tax payers will foot the bill for not recycling.

It costs you money to dump your discards or  when

your garbage truck picks up your household trash,

unless you recycle,

both disposal options goes into a landfill.

When a landfill gets filled to capacity,

a new  area has to be designated and you pay the costs.

Recycling is FREE.

Local Inert Landfills

Criswell Landfill:

4235 Center Hill Church Road, Loganville

81 Inert & Disposal:

6444 GA Hwy 81, Loganville

Kent Rock Rd Inert Landfill:

5735 Kent Rock Road, Loganville

Holder's Inert

2370 Preston Road, Good Hope
& 805 Adamson Drive, Monroe
770-267-7926 or 404-683-6634

Construction & Demolition (C&D) Landfills

   Walton C&D Landfill
             145 US  Hwy 78
   Monroe, GA 30655


Caruthers Mill Landfill, LLC

75 US Hwy 78

Monroe, GA 30656