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Magistrate Court of Walton County, State of Georgia

303 South Hammond Drive  Suite 116

Monroe, Georgia 30655


Welcome to the Official Website of the Magistrate Court of Walton County.  On behalf of the Magistrate Court and Staff, we hope you find this website both helpful and informative.  Our office is dedicated to the citizens who utilize this court to provide the most efficient and professional court system possible.  Hopefully, this site will answers many of the questions you may have concerning the Magistrate Court.

Mike Burke,                                                                              *Attention:  Filing fees and court costs have changed.  The updated list is now on this website.                 *Attention:  The Magistrate Court announces EZ-Filing for civil cases.  See below under civil cases for details*  Updated 09-12-2011

Chief Magistrate Judge                                                                                  These increases will take effect on May 17th, 2010.  This is in accordance with HB 1055.*      * www.waltonmagistratecourt.com for civil and criminal filings*

Walton County                                                                           

                                                                                                     * AS OF MONDAY, OCTOBER 11,2010, OUR OFFICE HOURS HAVE CHANGED:                                                  

                                                                                                        THE HOURS OF OPERATION ARE NOW:   8:00AM TO 5:00PM

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  History of the Magistrate Court Magistrate Court Hours of Operation Duties of the Magistrate Court
  The Georgia Magistrate Court system was established by an Act of the Georgia Legislature, effective July 1, 1983.  This legislation created the court following the adoption of a new Georgia Constitution in 1982 which unified Georgia's Courts.  Previously, the Magistrate Court was better known as Justice Courts utilizing Justices of the Peace.  With the implementation of the magistrate court system, all small claims courts and justice of the peace courts in Georgia were abolished and the existing judges of those courts became magistrates.  All 159 counties are required to have a Chief Magistrate Judge assigned.  Cases heard in this court are scheduled quicker than many courts and will allow for an expedited conclusion.

Office Hours:       8:00am - 5:00pm

Days of week:      Monday thru Friday

Closed:                Saturday and Sunday

                            (and observed Walton County Holidays)

Location:              Walton County Government Building

                            303 South Hammond Drive  Suite 116

                            Monroe, Georgia 30655

Main Number:      770-267-1349  (automated attendant)

                            Push #1 for General Information

                            Push #2 for Criminal Matters

                            Push #3 for Civil Matters

Fax Number:    770-266-1512

A Magistrate Judge is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Magistrate Court hears civil and criminal cases.  No jury trials are held in the Magistrate Court.  All appeals are transferred to the Superior Court.  It is the duty of the Magistrate Court to provide an accessible court system to a citizen who may not be that familiar with the judicial system of Georgia.  The process is much simpler, less complex and oftentimes quicker when it comes to having cases resolved than in other courts. In the Magistrate Court it is not mandatory that you have an attorney for the presentation or defense of your case.  Pro Se litigants (persons representing themselves) can present or defend their case, whether it be civil or criminal in nature.   If a matter you are involved in seems to necessitate an attorney, you are the person who has to make that decision.  No Magistrate Court personnel can provide legal advice in any manner to a person utilizing this Court.  Weddings are also performed in the Magistrate Court on Thursdays and Fridays.  This is done by appointment and can be scheduled by calling the Magistrate Court at 770-267-1349.  Weddings outside normal business hours can be scheduled with a judge by calling the office.

Criminal Cases

The Magistrate Court is responsible for the following criminal actions:  As of January 1, 2013, all criminal warrants will be issued using EZ Warrant.                                                                                                                                Law Enforcement Links                       Forms    FAQs    Probation Services

 The Magistrate Court is now providing online access to civil cases through the following website:  www.waltonmagistratecourt.com  This will allow for viewing of criminal warrants issued through the Magistrate Court.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Monroe Police Department            

                                                                                      MISDEMEANOR CRIMINAL                 COUNTY ORDINANCE/                ANIMAL CONTROL                  Walton County Sheriff's Department

       WARRANTS                   HEARINGS                             OFFENSES                                      CODE VIOLATIONS                         VIOLATIONS                        Loganville Police Department       

Felony Warrants, Misdemeanor Warrants, Good Behavior Warrants, Search Warrants Initial Appearance Hearings, Prewarrant Hearings, Preliminary Hearings Deposit Account Fraud, Possession of marijuana less than (1)oz, Theft by Shoplifting, Furnishing alcohol to a minor, Criminal Trespass All criminal offenses adopted under State statute in the Walton County Code of Ordinances. All criminal offenses adopted in the Walton County Code of Ordinances relating to Animal Control.

Civil Case

The Magistrate Court is responsible for the following civil actions:  

The Magistrate Court is now providing online access to civil cases through the following website:  www.waltonmagistratecourt.com  This will allow for viewing of the actual documents filed in with the Court, including, case filings, service of summons and answers.  Please access this website for information that my assist you in your case.   **Disregard any notations involving (MAG-) in FAQ(s).  Those references are for input purposes only.  Information contained in FAQ(s) are based upon Georgia Law and Statute & Procedure for the Magistrate Court. ** .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Forms        FAQ(s)          Court Fees/Costs Schedule


                       SMALL CLAIMS                                                DISPOSSESSORY ACTIONS                                            HEARINGS                                       EZ-Filing for civil cases

Claims filed with monetary limit of $15,000 Actions filed by a landlord to collect unpaid rent and/or possession of property Hearings scheduled for small claims and dispossessory actions.
This court also handles: Garnishments, Traverse actions, Interrogatories, FiFa's, Abandoned Motor Vehicle actions, Personal Property Foreclosures.


Magistrate Court Staff

Chief Magistrate Judge Mike Burke                      email address: mburke@co.walton.ga.us 770-267-1349
Associate Magistrate Judge Donna Parker 770-267-1349
Associate Magistrate Judge (part time) Melissa Machen Shannahan 770-466-6840
Deputy Clerk Tonya Nolan                   Civil Division 770-267-1349
Deputy Clerk Maggie Barton                Civil Division 770-267-1349
Deputy Clerk Tammy Burnette            Criminal Division 770-267-1349
Deputy Clerk Andrea Sargent               Criminal Division 770-267-1349