How Can We Help You?

Roads & Bridges:

     The following are tasks that this department can assist you with on the county right-of-way:

         -Community Service Litter Pick-Up

         -Dirt Road Maintenance (Scraping, Gravel, Dust Control Spraying)

         -Grass Maintenance

         -Pothole Repair

         -Storm Water Management (CMP Maintenance, Ditch lines, Box



           For assistance with any of these tasks please call (770) 267-1350 or place a work order online from the link on the Public Work's Homepage.



     The following are several waste disposal options which Walton County has made readily available to its citizens:

          -Please keep in mind that recycling is free!

          -Green Bag Program:  Walton County's special 32 gallon "Green

            Bags" with county emblem are available at local grocery and

                convenience stores for $1.50 plus tax.  The revenue from these bags

            pays for proper disposal of your trash.  These bags should be

            taken to one of the county's six Convenience Centers.

          -Private Haulers:  Five Private Haulers have been selected to

            serve Walton County by providing roadside trash pick-up.

          -To dispose of larger objects please contact Keep Walton


          -Contact a privately owned inert landfill or follow Georiga

            Forestry burning guidelines in order to dispose of yard waste.

          -Illegal Dumping, littering or the burning of household garbage is

           against the law and should be reported by calling the

           Environmental Patrol Officer at (770) 267-1485.  After hours,

           contact (770) 464-0310 and request referral to the Sheriff's