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Finance Department

Chief Financial Officer
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable
Grant Administration
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Mailing Address:

Finance Department

303 S. Hammond Dr Suite 333

Monroe, GA 30655

Linda Hanna

(770) 266-1742
(770) 266-1727
(770) 266-1730
(770) 266-1729
(770) 266-1731
(770 )266-1728
(770) 266-1715
(770 )266-1522




FY 14 Final Adopted Budget

FY 2014 Budget Presentation Schedule

FY 2013 Budget

Walton County 2012 CAFR

Walton County 2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report


Walton County 2012 CAFR

FY 2012 Budget


FY 2011 Budget

FY 2010 Financial Statements

FY 2009 Financial Statements

2009 Tax Digest and Five Year History of Levy

FY 2010 Budget

FY 2009 Budget

FY 2008 Financial Statementst

FY 2008 Report of Independent CPA

FY 2008 Budget

2007 Five Year History

FY 2007 County Financial Statements

FY 2007 Water and Sewerage Authority FInancial Statements


Mission Statement

The staff of the Finance Department have primary responsibilty for all County financial matters, including financial reporting, budget preparation, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, employee benefit trust funds, cash management, debt service, capital asset accounting, grant administration, and regulatory compliance.



FY 2006 Financial Statements Part 1

FY 2006 Financial Statements Part 2

FY 2006 General Fund Revenue Budget

FY 2006 General Fund Expenditure Budget

FY 2006 Water Authority Financial Statements

FY 2005 County Financial Statements

FY 2005 Financial Statements WCWSA

Walton County FY2002 Financial Statements (1.1 MB)
Walton County FY2003 Financial Statements

FY 2005 Solid Waste and Emergency Medical Services Budgets (542KB)

FY 2005 General Fund Budget (1.1MB)

FY 2005 Central Communications Budget (501KB)

FY 2004 Tax Digest and 5 Year History of Levy

Walton County FY2004 Financial Statements (1.1MB)

IRS Website W-9 Form

Employee Direct Deposit Agreement Form